STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF 4×4 Day Trips cc 2011/098458/23


All reservations, quotations, amendments and cancellations will only be accepted in writing, via fax or email.
Quotations will be provided on request for any services not specified in this price list.
Such quotations are subject to adjustment, if the services originally quoted for are not available at the time of booking. All quotes are valid for 14 days.
Cancellation Policy: If a confirmed reservation is cancelled, cancellation fees will be levied as follows:

Our Services, Tours & Transfers ONLY
7 days prior to departure: 0% of total value of reservation.
3 days prior to departure: 50% of total value of reservation.
24 hours prior: Total value of reservation.

Activities provided by external operators, ie: Quads, Paragliding, Safaris, Boat Trips to name just a few are subject to their own cancellation policies - The operators Policy overrides ours - For clarification please request for your activities terms.

In instances where activities are weather-dependent, a full refund will be issued if the activity is canceled due to inclement weather.

Overland Tours
7 days prior to departure: 0% of total value of reservation.
Within 6 days prior to departure: Total value of reservation

Full payment is required in advance, prior to commencement of service unless otherwise agreed in writing with ourselves.

Cape Town Day Tours (the operator) shall not be liable for any damage, loss, delay, inconvenience or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle or article or through the acts or omissions of any supplier, whether negligent or otherwise, nor of any servant of such supplier. The operator accepts no liability in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property arising out of any act, omission or negligence of the operator, the supplier, the operator’s or supplier’s servants or agents.

The operator shall not be liable for any loss or expense arising from the loss of property, cancellation or curtailment of any tour however caused. The operator shall not be liable for any refund, either partial or total, of passage money paid. Cape Town Day Tours recommends the passengers be advised to purchase appropriate insurance to protect the passengers against such eventuality.

Cape Town Day Tours and it’s employees will not be held responsible for any illnesses, injuries, accidents, loss of life or belongings or delays due to cause sustained or suffered while on tour or while staying at any of the accommodation booked by Cape Town Day Tours or their agent.

Cape Town Day Tours reserves the right to alter accommodation, mode of transport and itinerary without prior notice when circumstances happen outside of our control. The client hereby waives their right to all and any claims in this regard.

Cape Town Day Tours reserves the right to alter routes and itineraries for any reason but will endeavor to inform clients of such changes prior to departure.


For pickups outside of Zone 1 on scheduled tours, a surcharge will apply.
Dinner transfers are costed on a maximum of 5 hours. Extra hours will be charged accordingly.
Our scheduled Garden Route tour is costed on a drop off in Port Elizabeth, returns to Cape Town or other areas will be charged accordingly.
Full day rates are based on a maximum of 10 hours. This includes the time to return to the drop off point.
Half day rates are based on a maximum of 5 hours. This includes the time to return to the drop off point.
Two pax minimum for scheduled tours otherwise a 100% surcharge will apply.
All tours and transfers are with English speaking guides, foreign language guides will be costed on request.
Entrance fee’s are not included on any coach bookings unless otherwise stated. Children up to and including the age of 5 are legally obliged to be in a car safety seat


Cape Town Day Tours and all their staff members will not be held liable for any loss or damage to pax luggage. It is the pax responsibility to make sure they have their entire luggage at all times, while using Cape Town Day Tours.
Cape Town Day Tours will not transport any luggage without pax accompanying their luggage. If in a case that this should have to happen, it will only be done so after we have received a signed indemnity, provided by Cape Town Day Tours, by the pax or the agent representing the pax.


Cape Town Day Tours recommends its client takes out sufficient holiday and travel cover with their own insurer. We have our own policy when travelling in the Companies transportation, in some instances should we have to hire in a third party resource we do check the supplier for valid public travel insurance – We only use reputable companies and in the use of Large Coach’s the public limited liability is R50,000,000 Per Incident – International travelers are advised to make sure they have cover that is relevant for their own country of origin.

Banking Details
Account Name: 4×4 Day Trips
Account No. 40-8436-4090
Branch Code: 632005