Shark Cage Diving 3Hr Boat Trip

The trip normally begins around 10h00 in the morning from Kleinbaai harbour, which is 2 km along the coast from the village of Gansbaai, but may vary due to the tides and expedited sea conditions. You will be personally notified, after 17:00 the day before your dive, about the time you must meet at our crew house.

After a continental breakfast (no greasy foods), payments are undertaken and a safety briefing held, you board the specially designed shark boat for the 5 mile voyage to Dyer Island or anchor spot.

The boat normally leaves the harbor at 10:00 in the morning and returns between 2:00 pm
and 4:00 pm in the afternoon.

Once the boat and crew and guests reach the diving location and dropped anchor, the crew will create a scent trail, while you patiently await your electrifying first glimpse of the iconic fin breaking the water’s surface.

No dive is ever the same, so we can never predict what will happen once we are on site nor how many sharks we will see. Great Whites are incredibly nomadic and if you consider that there are less than 5000 of them left on our planet, even if you only see 1 shark on your dive, you can count yourself very fortunate.

Back on deck you will be able to observe shark activity which occurs close to the water surface. Lunch boxes containing a variety snacks will be on hand for you to enjoy at leisure, with soft drinks and juices offering added refreshment while you bask under South Africa’s legendary sunny skies.

After about 3 hours out at sea, you will be ready to return to shore where comforting soup awaits you, giving you a chance to regroup and share the day’s experiences.

  • Fully sterilised wet suit for each person – nobody will get a ‘wet’ wet suit.
  • Fully sterilised mask and footwear for each person.
  • Marine Biologist and videographer on EVERY trip.
  • Pre, during and post departure safety measures put in place.
  • Boat is fully cleaned with jet wash and sterilisation after each trip.
  • Sanatising stations located throughout the vessel with quick and safe washing facilities.
  • The biggest most luxorius onsite facilites on the harbour – 6 walk in spacious showers and a large ladies powder room with 4 hair dryer stations. Separate mens urinal with a double sink plus 6 spacious toilets.
  • Disabled ramp access to the front of the building with its own separate toilet and shower facilities.
  • All dietary requirements catered for.