Frequently, people inquire about the price difference between our tours and those offered by others. This discrepancy can generally be attributed to two factors: the inclusion of entrance fees in the pricing and the distinction between Private Tours and Scheduled Tours.

All our tours include the services of an English-speaking guide. We also offer guides who speak German, Russian, Polish, and French, but these need to be booked in advance. Additionally, our tours provide exclusive transportation for your group and cover entrance fees, tastings, and activities, except for a few optional choices mentioned in the itineraries.

The inclusion of optional activities allows for flexibility on the day of the tour. We understand that not all guests may be interested in every option, and offering these choices allows for customization. However, please note that opting for certain activities may require additional time, which may impact other parts of the itinerary.

Some options, such as lunch, are not included in the tour price and are payable by the guest on the day, unless otherwise stated.

It's important to understand the difference between a Private Tour and a Schedule Tour as pricing does differ.

Private Tour Pricing on our website is based on a minimum number of 4 people

Supplement Explained

In a Private Tour, you will have a dedicated guide and transport exclusively for your group. The cost of these services is typically divided among a minimum recommended group size of 4 people. However, we are more than happy to accommodate smaller groups for a Private Tour. In such cases, a supplement is added to the booking value to cover the cost of the guide and transport.

If you are booking as a single person, you are welcome to opt for a Private Tour. In this case, the tour guide and transport will be exclusively for you, but a 1 Person Supplement will be added to the price. The same applies to groups of 2 or 3 people. This is why we also offer Scheduled tours, where you will be sharing the guide and transport with other members of the public. In Scheduled tours, no supplement is added as the shared cost of the guide and transport is covered by all participants.

Private Tours

  • Collection from your accommodation
  • Your own allocated transport, be it for a party of 2 or a group of 40, transportation is exclusive to you and NOT shared with other members of the public.
  • A guide allocated to you for the duration of the tour.
  • Entrance fee’s
  • Flexibility to go at your own pace.
  • Flexibility to modify itinerary (best discussed with guide on the day)
  • Spend more time on itinerary items of interest
  • Spend less time on itinerary items of less interest
  • Drop off at your accommodation

Schedule Tours

  • Collection from select accommodations – pick up times vary according to your area
  • Shared transportation, often in a 13 seater or a large coach 30/40 seater coach sharing with other members of the public
  • Guides time is shared across all the guests
  • Entrance fee’s (Most of the time but not always and should be checked)
  • Fix timetable for the itinerary
  • Drop off at your accommodation