Cape Town Paragliding (Tandem)

20Min Tandem flight involves you being securely strapped into a comfortable flying harness positioned in front of the pilot. The paraglider is spread out on the ground on a gentle slope at altitude and facing into the wind. The pilot is then connected to the paraglider and yourself with a secure harness and the paraglider is pulled gently into the wind, causing the canopy to inflate.

As a paraglider can fly very slowly it is easy to launch so all you and the pilot need to do during the launch is run briefly into the wind and float gently up into the air. This makes paragliding accessible to anyone, including unfit or disabled passengers.

Depending on the conditions the average tandem flight will last between 15 – 25 minutes. Landings are similarly as easy except in reverse order. Remember that paragliding is weather dependent and this requires flexibility both in location and flight time. We will ensure that the conditions most suited to your enjoyment and safety are confirmed.

Please note that there is an unavoidable element of risk associated with flying and we only fly when it is judged conditions to be safe. Check with your medical insurance if you are covered for paragliding as an activity.