Seal Island Boat Trip - Circe Launches

Seal Island Boat Trip is available at the first stop of our Cape Point Private Tour.

Join a boat cruise to Duiker Island otherwise know as Seal Island to see thousands of Cape Fur Seals in their natural environment.

CIRCE LAUNCHES, the original 'SEAL ISLAND' (Duiker Island) Cruise operators from Hout Bay Harbour, was established in 1973.

Our vessel m.v. CALYPSO, operates departures to the Cape Fur Seal Colony at Duiker Island, commonly known as 'Seal Island'.

CALYPSO is the only true, GLASS BOTTOMED Passenger vessel, in South Africa. She has two viewing ports in the base of her hull, in the aft cabin, through which our passengers can see the sea bed and sea life, around the Island, during good visibility and have close up views of the Cape Fur Seals, on the Island, from her decks,.

Our cruises offer magnificent views of Chapman's Peak, the Sentinel Mountain, Hout Bay and the closest sightings of the Cape Fur Seals, in their natural habitat.

Our professional and experienced crew will ensure that your cruise with us will be a memorable one.