Reptiles & Adventure - Croc Cage Diving

Take things to the next level with our crocodile cage diving experience by sharing a pond with Africa’s top apex predator, the Nile crocodile. Facilitated by experienced guides, crocodile cage diving is a thrilling close encounter that includes a safety briefing and all diving equipment. This takes place in our new, sturdy and spacious cage that’s surrounded by water on all sides.

Spend around 20 minutes in the crocs’ watery habitat and get to observe how these ambush predators behave in their element. The crocodile cage diving experience is both underwater and at surface level. Capture this once in a lifetime experience on our provided GoPro.

Booking in advance is recommended. This experience, ages 9 and up, is available from mid December 2020.

Finally, for those looking for a thrill, experience being hunted in the dark by Africa’s largest predator, hop into the waters of our crocodile cage dive while our biggest crocs try to get their own evening snack! These limited night dives promise to be both a safe and terrifying experience that you will never forget!