Constantia - Ziplining - 2Hr

Constantia Cape Town Ziplines are one of the Mother Cities top attractions. This adrenaline experience will test your fear of Heights as some the Ziplines are over 155 meters from the ground and with lengths close to 500 meters on some of the cables

Constantia Cape Town Ziplines

At arrival your guides will welcome you and give you a brief introduction as to what to expect. A full safety briefing and demonstration will put you at ease before we start the process of driving into the mountain with our vehicles.

The first of our 11 platforms and 7 loooong cables towers high in the mountain overlooking the beautiful Cape Town – from this bird`s eye view you will start your journey down a large canyon on one of our shorter cables (ONLY 270 meters) in between the Cape Floral kingdom.

Apart from the tour of cables you will be sliding on you will also walk within the mountain range and take in the beautiful scenery and explore small paths along the fynbos kingdom.

The tour itself consists of 7 cables totalling one of Africa`s longest Zipline Tours with +- 2.3 Kilometers in total. The Highest Cable from the ground in the canyon is 155 meters from the canyon floor.

Our platforms have some of the most scenic vantage points in the Cape Peninsula and our Zipline Tour will leave you breathless in more than one way. Quite a remarkable experience! -

For groups of 9 and more kindly email use your request. if your 8 or less please book online.

Constantia Cape Town Ziplines

Inclusions* 4 x 4 trip from our base camp at Silvermist Eatery


  • No children under 6 years will be allowed to participate.
  • No PREGNANT ladies.
  • No heart conditions or physical disability.
  • No person over the 120kg weight limit!!!
  • If your unsure of your condition please consult your GP


  • Sunscreen


  • An average fitness level is required.
  • You should not have a fear of Heights - if the tour starts and you are not able to start the tour, you will unfortunately have to walk a distance to get back to the base.
  • You should not have any heart conditions or physical disability - consult your GP if unsure.

What to Wear

  • No slip-on shoes as you might lose them during the activity - closed comfortable shoes.
  • Comfortable clothing.
  • No skirts or dresses
  • No Loose Items that might fall from the cables into the forest as we will never be able to retrieve the item in the thick forest.


  • No Skill is required to participate - you will have to follow guides instructions and they will assist you to ensure you have a memorable experience.
  • We do some times experience windy conditions on the mountain but once again the guides will assist.

Location Cape Town

Departure Point Silvermist Organic Wine Estate, Silvermist Estate, Constantia.