Bugz Playpark - Age 2 to 12

Get off the couch, away from the iPad and put that remote down!

On weekends and holidays our rides are open and we've got bucket loads of fun on offer. Rides are charged via individual tokens over and above the entrance fee to the park.

Get ready for squeals of laughter and riveting rides that will get little hearts pumping!

Has your child played today? Play is an essential part of their emotional, physical and intellectual well-being. Basically the more they play, the smarter and stronger they become, so that they can grow happily from little Bugz to big Bugz one day.

Our PlayPark is specially designed around the joy of play, with dedicated activities and areas for building little muscles, problem solving and enticing wild imaginations.

We've made it easy for you too. Look out for signs in our play zones explaining exactly which skill your little trooper will be developing. Say goodbye to being bored indoors, say hello to learning the FUN way, through play.