7 Day "Holiday Maker" Adventure - 4 Star

7 Day "Holiday Maker" Adventure Package itinerary that includes 4 Star Rated establishments with Bed and Breakfast - Pricing is subject to change depending on availability - We will advise at the time of booking if suitable accommodation is available in the allocated price range.

Please note this is the additional cost to upgrade the 7 Day "Backpackers" Adventure tour to a 7 Day "Holiday Maker" Adventure tour with 4 Star Accommodation.

If you wish to book this tour, please make your primary booking using the 7 Day "Backpacker" Adventure, and at the end of that booking select the upgrade to 4 Star Accommodation, this will appear at the end of all the exciting activities.

This upgrade includes 4 Star accommodation with Breakfast, lunch and evening meal is still for your own account.

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